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Google AdWords Training Boot Camp

Google AdWords is an internet marketing tool used to increase traffic, generate leads, and strengthen brand image through

  • Offering ads alongside relevant keywords
  • Targeting specific customers based on location
  • Accurate conversion tracking and ROI measurement

The ability to market services and products effectively in this modern era of communications has to include a search engine marketing component: AdWords. AdWords has the ability to reach millions of websites and users on Google’s search and display networks. Although it’s easy to get started with AdWords, mastering AdWords is something that a career can be built around. AdWords is a nuanced product, and ad campaigns require constant refinement to be effective and to respond to changes in the web marketplace.

Training details
  • 100% On-Campus training at one of our top-notch facilities
  • Write, design, and test ad building strategies
  • Learn to successfully create an AdWords account, create an AdWords campaign, create ad groups, and ads.
  • Research and refine keywords, review and optimize ads
  • Measure and manage budget limitation with smarter bidding
  • Analyze campaign performance, create performance and financial reports.
  • Track and optimize quality score to improve ad positioning
  • Successfully launch an ad campaign on the Google display network
  • Learn how to implement a solid Google AdWords Campaign in three days
Why AdWords?

Unitek Education's Google AdWords Training Boot Camp teaches students how to create and manage effective campaigns in Google AdWords. After the boot camp, earning the Google AdWords Certificate of Qualification will earn you recognition and display your expertise in managing, measuring, and optimizing AdWords campaigns. Unitek Education's Google AdWords Training Boot Camp is designed to help you achieve a higher efficiency in your online marketing campaigns.

Dates and Locations

IM-Google-AdWords-Google AdWords Training Boot Camp
Duration: 3 days
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San Francisco Boot Camp Experience

San Francisco - Your Training Destination
Our SF Boot Camps are a fantastic way to enjoy the unique flavors that the region offers. When you take this Boot Camp at our San Francisco Bay Area campus, you can look forward to enjoying world famous destinations for travel and food.

What Will You Learn?

Learn the essentials of Google AdWords when you complete this 3-Day PPC training boot camp. Get hands-on experience building AdWords campaigns, learn best practices for optimizing your quality scores, track your efforts for ROI, and identify the campaigns which generate revenue. Learn to harness the power of internet advertising and start generating meaningful leads to you or your client’s site. Discover how AdWords can start generating the traffic you want and the ways to effectively manage costs associated with AdWords.


From marketing professionals to small-business owners, Unitek Education’s Google AdWords Training Boot Camp instills the core knowledge of Google AdWords and how to effectively manage a campaign. If you want to learn the ins-and-outs of this powerful tool, then this boot camp is for you. Our Google AdWords Training Boot Camp jam-packs all the knowledge you need into three days, making the program an expert choice for anyone who wants the key knowledge and skills, now. This program is one of the fastest Google AdWords programs being offered and is tailored to professionals that are serious about learning Google AdWords, and getting Certified.

The Unitek Education Advantage

Unitek Education's Boot Camps are led by a single industry expert.

Why is this important to you?

  • Traditional courses require multiple instructors to complete a single course, making it difficult for students to stay on track. Consistency is lost in the classroom as each instructor's teaching style varies.
  • Online courses lack the classroom learning experience and the personal feel of hands-on education. Direct contact creates an optimal learning experience that instills lasting results.

At Unitek Education our 3-Day Google AdWords boot camp leads you through a comprehensive Google AdWords strategy guide that melds the curriculum into a seamless process. At Unitek Education, we strive to constantly review and optimize our programs to deliver the most relevant and important industry training. We craft course material into straight forward presentations that pull from all aspects of a subject to create a comprehensive learning experience. We challenge you to find a comparable boot camp which offers this level of advantage!

Course Outline

AdWords 101

  • Introduction to AdWords
    • About AdWords
    • AdWords Fundamentals
    • Overview of Search Position
    • Introduction to the Google network
  • Account Management
    • Setting up an AdWords Account
    • Account Management
  • Campaign and Ad Group Management
    • Campaign Strategy
    • Campaign Set-up
    • Managing Campaigns
    • Introduction to ad group management
    • Understanding your ad status
  • Keyword Targeting
    • Introduction to keyword targeting
    • Keyword management & troubleshooting
    • Keywords and the display network
  • Language and Location Targeting
    • Introduction to language and location targeting
    • Location targeting
    • Language targeting
  • Ad Formats
    • Overview of ad formats
    • Text ad formats
    • Image ad formats
    • Video ad formats
    • Mobile ad formats
    • Introduction to ad extensions
    • Social ad extensions
    • Ad policy review
  • Budgets and Bidding
    • Introduction to bidding
    • Bidding types
    • Bidding on the display network
    • Introduction to budgets
    • Quality score and ad rank
  • Measurement and Optimization
    • Overview of AdWords measurement
    • Optimization fundamentals
    • Optimizing Keywords
    • Optimizing ads
    • Optimization tools
    • Conversion tracking basics
  • Performance, Profitability, and Growth
    • Budget growth
    • Bidding for performance
    • Profitability and lifetime value
  • Managing Multiple Accounts
    • Overview of my client center
    • MCC access controls

AdWords 201

  • Ad Formats
    • Ad Formats
    • Ad Extensions
  • Ad & Site Quality
    • Ad & Site Quality
    • About invalid clicks
  • AdWords Tools
    • Overview of AdWords Tools
    • AdWords Editor
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
    • AdWords Reporting
  • Optimizing Performance
    • Optimizing for Greater Conversions
    • Campaign Experiments
    • Additional Optimization Best Practices
  • Performance, Profitability, and Growth
    • Budget Growth
    • Bidding for Performance
    • Profitability and Lifetime Value
  • AdWords API
    • Using AdWords API

AdWords 301

  • Display Ads on the Google Display Network
    • Communicating the value of display and the Google Display Network
    • Plan a Google Display Network campaign
    • Generate creative
    • Implement a campaign
    • Measure performance
    • Optimize and refine
  • Display Ads on YouTube
    • Communicating the value of display on YouTube
    • Planning and implementing a YouTube campaign
    • Generate Creatives
    • Measure performance
    • Optimize and refine
  • Display Ads on Mobile Devices
    • Additional mobile opportunities